2017 Elections

The APA/AICP and Component Elections are open through September 7, 2017 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Follow the link below to cast your vote.  Please note, you will nee your your member number and election passcode that you should have received from the APA Election Coordinator. Don’t have one? For help (available Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Central Time, USA, excluding holidays), please call 952-974-2339 or email support@directvote.net.  For other questions, please call 312-786-6721 or email getinvolved@planning.org.

To vote now, click here: https://www.directvote.net/APA/

Campaigning Rules and Best Practices

Any mailing or mass unsolicited email, or any other electronic campaign communication by candidates or members, with the exception of endorsements by components of APA (e.g. Chapters, Divisions, PSOs), are prohibited. (The purpose is to prohibit campaigning by candidates, or by the current organizational leadership.) APA and AICP will not provide mailing lists or labels for nominees to use. Nominees and members of the Association are expected to behave in accordance with these rules, and only speak about the candidates they support.

APA and AICP will set up web pages for candidates on www.planning.org. Candidates Background/Experience and Position Statements, responses to the Consolidated Component Questionnaire, and optional photographs will be included on the Candidate web pages. Candidates are encouraged to use this web space creatively, but links to other websites are not allowed.

Inclusion of photographs of the nominee on the web sites is optional, at the discretion of the individual nominees. Details are provided in Policies and Procedures Section 4.2.

Negative campaigning is prohibited. Potential candidates shall not impugn the character, motivation or integrity of other candidates.

No candidate shall write, or cause to be written, campaign letters or e-mail messages to be published or circulated. Election Policies and Procedures 2017 — 6 —

Any member who is not a candidate has the privilege of seeking the support of colleagues on behalf of a candidate by means of verbal or written contacts. These contacts are limited to positive statements on behalf of someone’s candidacy. Negative statements about a candidates’ opponent in any manner are strictly prohibited.

Members of the Association have the privilege to speak on behalf of the candidates they support. Candidates shall not characterize the positions or qualifications of other candidates, or other APA members.