E-mail Distribution Policy


The request is to be in writing (email & faxes count) & be reviewed, including content by the Board member in receipt of the request for consideration relative to the following:

  1. Is the requestor a member of APA?
  2. Is the requestor a member of AICP (ethical obligations should allow trust)?
  3. Is the requestor a member of a professional organization affiliated with, aligned with or which has a track record of have website information showing interests that would generally be considered to be in agreement with or similar to those of APA and the mission of the Idaho Chapter, as listed in its by-laws?
  4. Is the nature or content of the material/information  which you are being requested to post or disseminate consistent with item #3 above, i.e. does it represent or show the alignment of interest with APA interests?
  5. Does the information related to the request appear to be protaganistic or offensive or is it reasonable to expect that it will cause animosity or resentment?
  6. Does the request endorse a single identified political party?
  7. Would the request involve revealing of our member email list?
  8.  Is the request consistent with or does it promote the strategies listed in the by-laws of the APA Idaho Chapter by-laws?

The questions listed above are intended to be a guide to aide in determining if the request should be implemented.  A “yes” answer to question #s 1-4 does not necessitate a decision to implement the request.  A “yes” answer to question #6 and/or 7 would be reason to deny the request, due to established APA policy.  A “yes” answer to question #5 would be a reason to deny the request or to refer the request to the Board Chair for a second opinion.

Distribution or posting of information not having been formally approved by the Board but having passed the scrutiny of the questions above should include a disclaimer similar to the following:

The APA Idaho Chapter neither endorses nor supports the content of third-party links and is not responsible for the content on these websites.  It is our policy to not endorse any specific political party and our distribution or posting of this information should not be construed as such.  It is the policy of the American Planning Association to not distribute our member mailing list(s).  It is our desire to act as a conduit for planning and community development related information of broad perspective and representation.”